Christopher Jonas
Christopher Jonas is a photographer who lives and works in London. He is achieving steady growth in his practice, both among
collectors and as an exhibitor. A 35mm photographer for over forty years, he now works exclusively in full frame digital

His concentrates on photographing the general public, completely undirected, going about their daily lives. He has two main
themes: classic street photography, mostly in monochrome, and a series set in galleries, museums and cathedrals where his
impressionistic style shows the public moving within rich backdrops.

In all of his work Jonas uses only natural ambient light. He has a strong knack of anticipating an original street scene, some examples of which are displayed in the galleries on this site

Recent Career Highlights Include:

He is chairman of Henderson International Income Tru st plc. and had an earlier life in real estate. He was appointed in 2014 as chairman of the trustees of the Contemporary Art Society. Past pro bono work has included being chairman of Goldsmiths University of London, chairman of the Roedean School governing council and chairman of the major arts restoration programmes at Tate Modern and the London Coliseum.